You may delay, but time will not.

Jun 03, 2024

We are halfway through 2024 already!

Time does not wait for anyone.  The older I get the more of an impact this truth has upon my life.  My dreams keep multiplying while the days remaining to accomplish them are dwindling.  

I’ve come to recognize that when I desire something in life, I need to go after it in that moment because life will simply pass me by if I don’t.  Resulting in loss, grief, and sense of missed opportunity… yuck!   

The same concept applies to my self-development.   When I decide I want to be more generous, patient, outgoing, happy, etc..  I understand the call to step into that way of being in that very moment. 

Here’s why. 

Happy people are happy regardless of their situations or circumstances.   

Generous people are generous because they consistently share and always offer.  

Patient people are patient in the easier times and the more challenging ones as well.   

Outgoing people are the first to say hi, always.   

These types of people who have mastered parts of their personalities and character development aren’t setting a goal to be more joyful and then waiting/working on it for 365 days until they get there.  

Rather, they decide who they want to be, then they become it.  NOW.  Moment by moment.  Again and again.

Let’s be clear.   This does not mean they feel like it, aren’t struggling with their own issues, aren’t finding it inconvenient or otherwise. 

They are simply committed to being the type of human they have been called to become, daily, consistently, always.   This is consistency in character.  Integrity. 

Integrity can be built.  You can become a completely different person today simply by making a decision that directs you towards that person and then doing so again, and again, and again.   

Goals aren’t required.

A structure and a system in place might be.  

As I witness many amazing humans become their highest selves, I notice the structures they put in place. 

Usually they:

-       Establish a support system who holds them accountable and is aware of what they are working on.

-       Surround themselves with people who challenge them to be a better person, believe in their potential and encourage them to thrive.

-       Eliminate toxic relationships, patterns, environments where others reject, impede or do not support their growth (Remember, health, happy, abundant people will want you to be healthy, happy and abundant too!).  

-       Have established routine and self-care rituals in place that are non-negotiable

-       Daily review their progress and set proactive intentions

-       Are living present moment, releasing themselves of who they were in the past and step daily into the possibility of today

Implementing sound structure in one’s life is very doable.  It is even more doable when working with a group of others who are doing, supporting, and validating the same approach to life.   

I created my Heart Wide Open Women's Membership as a support system for woman seeking this type of support and sisterhood.   If you want to step away from setting goals that will be achieve years down the road and step into becoming the YOU that you desire to be NOW, then I invite you to join us.   We are doing the same and would love your energy in our group. 

Learn more about Heart Wide Open Womens Membership here.

Hannah Zackney