Group Therapy

Group therapy fosters camaraderie among individuals facing similar mental health issues, reducing isolation and building trust. By interacting with diverse perspectives, participants gain coping strategies and insights. Positive peer feedback promotes accountability and motivation towards treatment goals, while maintaining confidentiality fosters trust and respect within the group.

This type of therapy can be beneficial for many, check out our current group therapy offerings below.

Current Offerings


Sexual Betrayal Group

If you have been hurt by physical affairs, pornography use, emotional affairs, or other types of betrayal in your relationship, know that you are not alone. 

Join our support group and surround yourself with others in similar situations. 

Begins this summer.

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Couples Enrichment Group

Want to take a deeper dive into your relationship and learn more about what makes your partner tick? This group is open to all types of couples, in all stages of life, no matter how long you have been together!

Begins this summer.

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Embrace Food Freedom

Discover a new way to navigate food behaviors this summer! Join our partner's Shelly Starrett's nutrition education group to explore unhealthy connections to food and emotional eating, hunger cues, joyful movement, and more. Let's rewrite your summer food and body image story together.

Begins June 10th.

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