Our Affiliates & Partners

Heart Wide Open Wellness takes great care into finding our clients the best care possible. We love to collaborate with other local organizations with this same goal in mind. 

A Better Path Treatment Programs

A Better Path Treatment Programs focuses on creating treatment programs that significantly help families and individuals impacted by substance abuse and addiction move forward. They offer a licensed residential treatment program for men 18+ suffering from alcohol and substance use.  The therapists of Heart Wide Open Wellness are honored to partner with A Better Path as our therapists are trained to help those in recovery heal from life's wounds and traumas.  Together we hope to create an environment of lasting healing for these individuals and their families. 

WarFighter OverWatch

Warfighter Overwatch is a non-profit organization that provides support for our Veteran and First Responder community and their families through a variety of programs built to encourage camaraderie, resilience, and connectedness.  Warfighter Overwatch and Heart Wide Open Wellness have come together to deepen offerings and possibilities for this important community, and to remind them of their strength, foundation and their innate ability to adapt and overcome.


Psychedelics, found in nature have long been overlooked for their healing powers. For centuries, indigenous healers have used the power of these medicinals to manifest healing of the body with inner intelligence and to expand states of consciousness. ShaMynds uses legal psychedelics, and consciousness-based therapies to heal body-mind-soul from its pain states - something beneficial for a lot of clients.