We help individuals, couples and families succeed. 

No matter what brought you here, we know how to help. Our team of caring, certified therapists have a wide variety of specialities, and are here to help you improve the relationship you have with yourself and others. 

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Discover a New Path to Healing with Heart Wide Open Wellness

At Heart Wide Open Wellness, we embrace a holistic approach to healing that harmoniously integrates mind, body, and spirit. Recognizing that seeking therapy is a brave and pivotal step, our dedicated therapists are committed to guiding you on a transformative journey towards emotional well-being and personal growth. With comprehensive support tailored to your unique needs, we are here to accompany and empower you every step of the way.

Holistic Healing


Are you seeking clarity, understanding, or relief from life's challenges? Talk therapy offers a safe, supportive space to explore your thoughts, emotions, and experiences with a trained and caring professional.

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Group Therapy

Are you looking for a supportive community where you can connect, share, and grow alongside others facing similar challenges? Our group therapy workshops offers a unique and enriching therapeutic experience that fosters understanding, empathy, and personal development. 

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Walk Therapy

Imagine combining the therapeutic benefits of counseling with the rejuvenating effects of nature. Walk therapy, also known as outdoor or walk-and-talk therapy, offers a refreshing and innovative approach to mental health and well-being.

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Do you find yourself stuck in patterns of thinking or behavior that hinder your personal growth and well-being? Or perhaps there are unresolved past experiences affecting your present, and you desire support in processing and moving forward.
Whatever you need help with to thrive, we are here to help. We help you cope with: 
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Trauma Resolution
  • Anger
  • Addictions
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Eating Disorders

Couples & Families

Are you and your partner/family navigating a major life transition and seeking support to navigate the changes together? If you are feeling distant or disconnected from your partner or family members, and wish to rebuild closeness, we know how to help you. ​​
  • Communication and conflict resolution skills​
  • Identifying your top "love languages"
  • Revealing unspoken expectations
  • How to set respectful boundaries
  • Establishing healthy decision-making patterns
  •  Breaking past trauma cycles
  • Positive parenting skills and techniques

Teenagers & Adolescents

Are there conflicts at home that you find difficult to navigate, and do you want support in improving family relationships? Are academic pressures or issues with peers affecting your teenager's well-being, and do you want strategies to support them? We all need support under the pressure of constant change. 
  • Steer away from risky behaviors
  • Resolve feelings of low self-esteem or depression
  • Navigate peer relationships
  • Building a stronger sense of self
  • Promote a sense of direction and purpose

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Let us help you unlock your full potential and rediscover the best version of yourself with the transformative power of therapy. Embrace personal growth and thrive with professional support tailored to your needs.

Our team of expert professionals is prepared to assist you. With a diverse range of specialties including EMDR and Brainspotting, Trauma Play, Music Therapy, and more, our highly trained professionals are here to support you. You can get to know our team below or complete the form, or schedule a 1 on 1 consultation call with Hannah to discover the perfect match for your needs.

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