Guest Speakers

Having guest speakers is like inviting a wise friend over for a chat. They bring fresh insights, help us connect with new ideas and people, inspire us with their stories, and truly elevate our community gatherings. Their presence enriches our journey together and makes our community feel more vibrant and connected.

Monthly Guest Speakers

Heart Wide Open Wellness offers monthly guest speakers to help enrich our knowledge on a variety of different subjects.

Included in the Women's Membership is the opportunity to meet with the Guest Speaker in an intimate group setting where they can ask questions or further their knowledge with private sessions, events and meetings with discounted offers made just for them! Become a member today, or attend the Guest Speaker session for just $20.

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February's Guest Speaker

Anjali Connors

This month we are hearing from Anjali; a psychologist, mother, yoga teacher and studio owner, retreat leader, breathwork and meditation facilator, and vedic Astrologer. We can learn so much from her! Anjali is excited to share her knowledge on Vedic Astrology and give people Sadhana's based on their reading.

Anjali is graciously offering $33 off an astrology reading for our Heart Wide Open Wellness members, as well as $108 off her Zen Mentorship, and $20 off workshops.

Gaby Valencia

  • Owner of Cloud 9 Float Spa
  • Wellness Specialist
  • Entrepreneur

Andrea Hunt

  • Fitness Trainer
  • Yoga Enthusiast
  • Mama of 5
Ashley Bennett Stoddard
  • Artist
  • Owner of Bennett Sculpture Gallery 
  • Documentarian
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Our Guest Speakers Are Incredibly Valuable to Us!

Heart Wide Open Wellness loves helping our Guest Speakers grow the way they help us. We deeply value their contributions and provide special benefits as a token of gratitude for their time and expertise. If you have knowledge or passions you would like to share with the ladies of Heart Wide Open Wellness, please apply! We would love to hear from you! 

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