Awareness offers a gift. That gift is choice!

Oct 29, 2021

Freedom of choice feels like liberation from limitation.  Feeling stuck, well, that sucks!

Usually when we feel stuck, we have come to believe that we are out of choices, or we dislike the choices we have.  Often, our desired choice is not an option.  Yet, even when what we wish is not available, we still have choice.  We can always choose our behaviors, attitudes, and actions.  

We must evoke our power of awareness to highlight our choices and our intuition to know how to proceed. 

Dreams illicit hope.  However, holding a dream without pursuing it can breed frustration, defeat, and despair.  Dreams are meant to be pursued.  Fear is the primary reasons we resist taking actionable steps towards the things we desire most.  Fear blocks our vision.  Fear convinces us we are not ready, prepared, good enough, etc. to make the choice that will evolve us towards our deep desires.  We stay scared and stuck instead of walking towards our fears and going after our calling. 

Avoiding or ignoring what we want can become a habit.  If we habitually avoid pursuing our dreams for too long we can arrive at a point where it is unfamiliar to entertain discover of what you truly makes us happy.  I’m amazed at how many people are unsure what hobbies, and activities bring them joy.  Even the pursuit of joy can seem foreign.

A multitude of opportunities are available to us each day.  Each choice point is an opportunity to choose the action step that can allow us to transform into our next best selves, or not. 

Each action, thought, decision we make takes towards our highest potential or away from it.   Awareness of the choice points and awareness of your choice will provide you with all the information you need to see your part in creating your life.    

Awareness can be tough to acknowledge.  It can also invoke insight and highlight choices choices that you didn’t see before.   Empowerment is choosing to act in concert with your inner resolve, strength, and power.  Choice is power.

No one is stuck in a repetitive cycle with no escape.   Even small changes create huge ripple effects over time. 

Is it time for you to be brave enough to break down patterns that keep you stuck in old routines that don’t fulfill and embrace in the discovery of what you love?  It all starts with listening to your deepest intuition and following it through. 

 Hannah Zackney