December Reflection - 2021

Dec 27, 2021

I have been setting aside intentional time to reflect on 2021.  I’ve been lining out my personal highlights, challenges, accomplishments, and unanswered prayers.   Seeing it all in summary causes me to have a lot of compassion for myself.  

2021 was a complicated year for me and for so many that I know. 

Sadness, Joy, Love, Pain, Frustration, Grief, Loss, Happiness, Pleasure, Anger, Relief, Fear, Accomplishment, Devastation, then Joy again.  Etc.. Repeat.

And often this was the tide of a single day.   Ya feel me?

Managing the day(s) and staying in integrity has taken most all our energy.  It’s enough to stay mindful of the moment, let alone plan.  How do you decide the next best right decision with so many unknowns?

I’ve come to believe there is not so much a right or a wrong when moving forward in life.  Rather, whatever I decide to do/become; I MUST DO/BECOME WITH ALL OF MY HEART!

Astrology predicts that 2022 is the year we become who we are meant to be on the inside.   This idea lights me up with excitement, overwhelm and maybe even elicits a bit of an "oh shit" mentality? 

If I am to step into my highest self truly and authentically, well, then look out world.  We are both unsure what ripple effect that might have.  More unknowns! Oh my!

Yet, I'm so ready!   You too?  

If you feel like you could benefit from some support and direction to review your 2021 in a purposeful manner and to be buoyed into the journey to YOU in 2022 then please consider joining me for my Heart Wide Open University Membership.

We meet weekly, do life together in efforts to unite with our intuition and follow it into the fulfillment of our highest purpose!  

2022 is YOUR year!  BECOME HER FULLY!

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I’m GRATEFUL for you!