Do the holidays have a SQUEEZE on YOU? Learn to Maintain your JOY!

Dec 03, 2021

A successful holiday season has nothing to do with champagne toasts or the perfect family photo.   So, can we all collectively agree to NOT put any added pressure of expectation on this time of year. 

Life is sometimes complicated enough.  No need to add forced fun to the To Do List. And btw, forced fun is never fun!

Of course, we desire to enjoy ourselves, make meaningful memories and honor traditions.  And I sincerely hope you experience many magical moments this holiday season.

But just like in everyday life, the signs of living your best life are not seen in material items, accolades, accomplishments, or one-time events (although those things are great!).  Rather, those who report the highest levels of happiness tend to experience a consistent, daily sense of purpose, joy, and satisfaction in the review of their every day.  

So, perhaps it would be a meaningful endeavor to strive for personal contentment EVERY day in December?  And all year long for that matter. Heck, why not feel good every day? 

A lifetime of joy certainly sounds much preferred to rolling the dice in hope that you’ll experience few selected holidays exceptional, while scrambling about in a frenzy the rest of the season? 


So, since December can seem a bit overwhelming, I’ve come up with a few fun ways to help you get started with the pursuit of daily joy and satisfaction. 

Starting TODAY.

1.)   Go to bed reviewing what brought you Joy during your day.   Bring the moment to your mind and notice how you feel in your body.   Breath into that feeling and allow yourself to focus on additional moments that bring a similar sense of joy.   Bring a minimum of 1-3 things to your mind, body, and soul.

2.)   Set an intention for the next day.   Yes, you can aim to accomplish something but also aim to feel a certain way.  Example:  Tomorrow I intend to feel….. peaceful, happy, generous, calm, etc..  Then in your mind’s eye imagine what you will do to feel that intended emotion.  Truly picture yourself doing it.  Then wake up and do it. 

*Note:  It might be helpful to write these things down in a journal that you might keep by your bed and use to review the impact of this practice on your life. 

Remember, YOU ARE MORE POWERFUL than you think.   What you focus on multiplies.  The life you desire is usually just one decision away.  Start today.

Hannah Zackney