Each of us has been blessed with a purpose that makes our heart sing.

May 27, 2024

For the first few decades of my life I envied all of those around me who understood their calling.  I craved to live out my passion.   I wondered how they heard their calling when I remained so unsure, unproductive, lost and insecure.  

At that time I was one of the many who was perusing and committed to professions and personal endeavors that I never consciously planned to pursue.  I had learned to trust circumstance over choice and had taken on roles that felt tolerable at best. 

Now that I have found a way to increasingly live out my love, my joy and my purpose I KNOW that we are each meant to live life out very much on purpose. 

I’ve come to understand that our life’s work is to love and to be loved.  And that all activities we engage in should allow us to express our intelligence, our creativity and align with what we so deeply LOVE.  

The goal is not to reach some pinnacle of success in education or obtain impressive certification but rather to claim your joy in living out a life that links reward, financial security and joy from doing something you love.  

Perhaps we are not born with a clear understanding of the scope of our purpose. 

Perhaps self-discovery is an early step in uncovering the depths of what we are capable of.  If you feel like you are drifting though life you are likely also striving to discover your true potential.  You likely dream that you can live out a more authentic, driven life and you deserve to make that a reality. 

How do you find your calling? 

1.)    You must consider your interests in the present and revisit the passions that moved you in the past.

2.)    Dedicate time to explore any aspirations that remain and have not yet been explored. 

3.)    Take a very bold and self-empowered assessment of your skill and talents.  Search for what you LOVE and are ALSO GOOD at.   90% of your time should be in this zone of enjoyment. 

4.)    Become comfortable hiring out, delegating, and asking for help in any area that you dread, fear, or suck at.  Tip:  Only ever spend 10% of your time in this drudgery zone.  More is too big of an ask.  

5.)    Daily ask the Universe to clarify your life’s work with signs and PAY acute attention.  

6.)    Be open for things to change on a dime.

7.)    Daily ask the Universe to allow you to be of your Highest Use

How do you know you’ve found your calling?  

You will know you’ve reached your life’s work when you wake early and eager to great the day and your confidence and clarity outweigh your doubt, resistance and insecurity.  

You will begin to value your contribution.   

You will learn to love who you are, your path and your opportunity to contribute your gifts.  

It may not be easy to get to this point.  But it awaits you.  Carry on warrior.  Your destiny awaits you with a Wide Open Heart.  

Hannah Zackney