Fatalistic February

Feb 07, 2022

I've heard this month referred to as "Fatalistic February".  Alarming?  At first, I thought so too.  However, “Fatalistic” implies at least two meanings and after review, I’m excited about them both. 

This is a month to clear and eliminate.  Why?  Because you have done so much work to become such an incredible version of yourself over the past couple of years and some of your outside life simply NO LONGER matches your insides.  

1.)   The “Fatalistic” refers to Fate teaming up with life to clear out all that is no longer serving you.   When I think fatalistic.  I think bye, bye!  Just know, that whatever is leaving your life is happening IN YOUR FAVOR!  Now is a fantastic time to think of those people, places or things that just make you feel a bit icky and figure out why.   Might be time for some spring-cleaning various corners of your life. 

And, don't be afraid to choose what lights you up!   

I've found it's not the absence of things that drains people as much as the things they hold onto that no longer match who they have become.   When we grow, evolve, and expand our lives must too! 

2.)   FATE, or Destiny is becoming clearer and becoming more of a fulfilling promise.   This means you are unable to stop becoming who you were put on this earth to be.   We need exactly who you are, as you are, right now!  

It’s time to fully embrace and embody your highest self, your purpose, and your deepest desires.  It’s game on for Dream Fulfillment!   Yas! 

Now is the time to make use of all the incredible effort you have put in over the past few years.   It may have been challenging and yet it’s time to get excited because here is where it’s about to all pay off!

If you are a woman who in interested in figuring out more how you can finally:

-       Claim the life you’ve desired for so long

-       Learn how to overcome limiting beliefs

-       Embrace who you are or what is possible

-       Be supported with loving and intentional accountability

-       Finally move the needle towards the life you crave! 

-       …and more!

I only have a few spots left and we start on 2/02/22!   Can you believe that? From a spiritual perspective 2 is a number representing “actively claiming dreams and desires that you’ve craved for so long!    


Hannah Zackney