Is Overwhelm Running the Show In Your Life?

Jul 08, 2024

Do you feel like you have a slew of ideas and no time to turn then into reality?  

Do you KNOW your potential and also grievethat it is horrifically UNTAPPED?   

Do you fear that time is passing you by? 

Do you long to share your talents, creativity, joy, enthusiasm and gifts with the world and yet seem to be stuck in the quicksand; unsure of the next step and flooded by all the options? 

Do you wonder why those you admire seem to have it all figured out?  

Do you compare, and consequently feel less than?  Often? 

If this is you in any way you are NOT alone!  

You ARE WILDLY TALENTED and this world CRAVES to hear your SPECIAL VOICE.  

We long to know you more!

So, how do you bypass overwhelm so you can make the magic happen?  

It’s time to exit the merry-go-round of overwhelm.   Stop saying it.  Stop acknowledging it.  Stop allowing it to take any room in your thinking.  It is toxic.  It will ALWAYS pull you farther away from what you are desire and it will ALWAYS lead you to down.  

Commit to never saying, “I am overwhelmed” again.

Overwhelm is a state of mind.  It is NOT an emotion and it is NOT a required feeling state.  Overwhelm is a precursor to anxiety and it’s critical to recognize it for what it is and stop it in its tracks.  

Overwhelm floods our thinking when we take our attention off of the current moment.  When we are present, we are not managing all the upcoming steps and outcomes.  We are simply dedicated to the task or thought at hand. 

Choosing a thought that will elevate your mindset and your productivity is an art, a discipline and CAN BE TAUGHT!  

Our minds are simply not going to aid us to be happy and successful if not harnessed and fed a diet of encouragement, appreciation and knowledge.  Our brain is wired to look out for what is too much, or not working in efforts to protect us.  

If you desire to feel inspired and enthusiastic vs. like you’ve been spinning your muddy wheels with nothing to show for it then it is time to manage your mind.

The next time you catch yourself wanting to say “I am overwhelmed” smile and take a giant breath into your beautiful body.  KNOW that this is the time to breath deeply present moment and to trust that the breath will set you free.  

Stillness is Faith in Action!  

Meditation, journaling, quiet walks in nature, listening to bilaterally programed music, working with your breath are some of the ways to begin to bring your awareness into the present moment so you can center yourself.  

Hannah Zackney