Life is Suffering

Aug 30, 2021

Are you noticing how INTENSE it feels to simply live right now?  Division.  Discord.  Separation.  Fear.  Judgement.  Anger.  Abandonment.  Loss.  Rejection.  Isolation.  Sadness.  Grief.   Pain.   

The Buddhists have claimed that Life is Suffering.   Here we are.   

Things are dramatic, changing, unsure, dissolving, being destroyed.   

People are facing crossroads.   They are answering questions they never thought they’d have to ask.  Do I keep my job? home? friendship?  ..what valuables do I take or leave? I give to that cause I help that family?  ..are we still friends? I move I stay?  ..where do I send my kids to school? do I start again?  …do I speak up? I stay silent? might that impact my marriage? friends? kid? health? today? tomorrow?   OH MY! 

Protective behaviors are increasing.   Denial, numbing, avoidance coping mechanisms are tempting all.  Panic and fear seem to take over more frequently than before.  

So much is happening!   It’s inconceivable that change can occur so quickly. 

As I remain mindful of all that is occurring in my own corner of the world I witness the happenings of my clients and their circumstances.  

Some are doing better than others!  

Common threads of resilience I see are: 

Those who maintain their self-care while staying actively engaged in their work, activities and relationships are doing better than those who are not 

Those who remain hopeful and move towards their goals, and dreams despite unexpected course correction, loss or being required to start again report they are remaining steadier in purpose. 

Those who acknowledge their pain WHILE acknowledging all they currently are grateful for are the biggest emotional winners.

Conversely, those who isolate and hold the collective grief of the planet on their own are suffering greatly.  We can’t do it all alone.   Stop trying to be unhuman.  We are social animals and we need one another.  

Taking nurturing action towards yourself is critical.   Staying connected to people who lift you up and provide hope and support is imperative.  

And this is why….. I am bringing small groups of people together in therapeutic ways. If you are interred in learning how to journey together with others please send me a note @ [email protected] or join Heart Wide Open Women’s Empowerment Intensive.

You are designed to soar!

Hannah Zackney