Trust Yourself. You know you better than anyone else.

Mar 14, 2022

So many adults grow up without learning how to sooth themselves in times of stress.   Teaching ourselves to be kind and nurturing to ourselves in a hard time is not easy.   But it’s necessary.  

Hard times will happen.   How you treat yourself when you are in them often determines how long they last.   …and how miserable they might be. 

Feeling through a tough experience won’t eliminate all potential reenactment but it certainly will help in understanding it and will likely increase your confidence that you can handle what comes your way next time.  

Deciding to learn from each opportunity is also a proactive choice to engage in the details of your own life and your nuanced reactions to what you experience.   This is a huge commitment to yourself. 

Each time this choice is made you get to show yourself how capable you are of not abandoning yourself in times of stress and strain.  This is how we learn to trust ourselves.

When you know you can stay present to your own experience you can begin to invest deeply in the journey.  This kind of commitment to you and to mindful self-attachment opens the door to personal integrity, joy, grace, and possibility.      

So, if you are struggling today.  Take the time to really feel into what you need.  Assure that you are honoring yourself and then, give yourself the care you need.  You know you better than anyone else.  Trust yourself.

Hannah Zackney