We need action, momentum, and energy.

Jan 24, 2022


January can be a mixed bag, full of fresh starts, and a welcomed time of introverted repair. We can be stuck between recovery from last year and stepping into the current one.

It’ll be 2023 before we know it. The month is quickly disappearing, and it beckons us to act on behalf of our deepest desires.

This is the time most people abandon their goals, intentions, and resolutions. A thing at rest, stays at rest. Most could use a kickstart about now.

We need action, momentum, and energy. However, a deep dig, a coffee and a motivational pep talk can sometimes get us going but these things rarely sustain the momentum and consistency required to move the needle.

We need accountability. We need community that is doing similar things to normalize the pursuit of our goals and lifestyle. We need daily intention, reflection and rituals that support our purpose. We need to know and trust ourselves enough to show up day after day. Repeat.

These days we are pulled in 1000 different directions every stinking second. If we try to answer, respond, and handle all of it we will fail, likely go nuts and end up exhausted!

You don’t need any more external information or advice. You DO need to activate your INNER control. You need to claim ownership of your focus, direction, purpose, and mindset. You need a plan, some effective tools, structure, and support. You need to hear and honor YOU!

I am blessed to work with individual and groups all year long. I help brave souls master tools, mindset and thinking patterns to orient their narrative, outlook, and perspective to step into the life they have been craving. They stop seeking outside of themselves. They stop waiting on a different set of circumstances and they stop waiting on anyone else. They simplify by learning to trust their own voice and intuition.

It’s truly a gift to witness others connect with their inner control and discover how much choice and power they have over their lives.

Hannah Zackney