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3 ways to Actively Convert Anxiety into Strength Feb 15, 2019

Being vulnerable is good. It’s honest.  It’s authentic.  Expressing vulnerability is sharing exactly where you are at the given moment.  

Pretending to be anything else will increase your anxiety. 

Owning your anxiety (naming, sharing your...

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Are You Emotionally Self-Reliant? Feb 03, 2019

Are you Emotionally Self-Reliant?  Do you look for happiness from others?  If you look to others to fill your cup, you are likely often disappointed as other people come and go, or become unavailable as they separate to meet their own individual needs.  


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Are you a High Achiever with a Malnourished Soul? Jan 26, 2019


Is this familiar? 

Are you feeling stuck in certain areas of your life?   Do you feel stagnant?  

Are you full of amazing ideas and potential and yet not seeing the results you desire?   Or worse, are you working...

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A Lunar Eclipse ON a Full Moon! What the What?!?! ā€¦is the Spiritual Significance? Jan 09, 2019

According to astrologists Full Moons are an invitation to release all that no longer serves you or to let go of an aspect of yourself that you’ve outgrown.

Eclipses are change agents.   They welcome us to purge stuck, stale emotions and attachments.

The Full Moon COMBINED...

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How do you Keep Your New Years Resolution? ... for legit? Jan 06, 2019

We are a week into the New Year.  How do you keep your New Years Resolutions? 

It doesn’t have to feel good.  It doesn’t have to feel bad.  It has to feel right.  

Often I ask my clients. “Does it feel...

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Slow down to Speed up Nov 14, 2018

Increasingly, I am reminded to do less.   Not more. 

For most of us, doing less feels like we are giving up.  Trusting time to do it’s magic and for stillness to reveal a better way is counterintuitive for many of us that have developed patterns of...

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Be You. You Are Ready. NOW. Nov 07, 2018

You do not have to get rid of your fear in order to be courageous, brave and make a difference. 

You do not have to wait for approval of any kind to validate that your very unique contribution to the world is direly needed.  

You do not have to armor up to be safe to expressing...

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Intention Matters Oct 15, 2018

At the beginning of most yoga classes there is an invitation to set an intention for the class.   An intention can be a focus, a question you wish to answer, or a desire that you wish to move towards during the practice.  

It’s the start of...

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If you wonder if Kundalini Yoga is for you? Sep 30, 2018

If you’re wondering if Kundalini Yoga is for  you?

“So I really want to take your Kundalini class but my joint pain is really bad. My shoulders and elbows are constantly at a pain level of 7-8. Would it even be possible for me or is it doing traditional yoga poses? I...

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Find YOU and you Find YOUR WAY Sep 23, 2018

Time and time again I hear clients report to me a longing to find their purpose.  They are disconnected to their “something bigger”.  They want to live for, attach to and give to a passion, a reason.    Something is missing for them. 


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Fantasy Thinking IS NOT Magical Thinking Aug 15, 2018

Do you feel like there is something bigger out there for you?

Do you have moments where you recognize that you have a dream to be more, do more, and give more, access more?  

Are you stuck in-between feeling appreciative and grateful for the beautiful life you have and wondering why you...

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Get Out Of Your Head And Get Into Your Heart Jul 23, 2018

I walk into the yoga studio. The room is already full.   

I lay my mat down in a trancelike state, numb to the bubbling of emotions that I’m hoping to breath away in the next hour.   

I rely on this practice to cleanse me.  I always need this...

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