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I Brake to Laugh Jul 01, 2018

I don’t drive my husband’s truck very often, and for a reason.   

It’s powerful and it’s big. 

Truth be told, sitting up in that drivers seat does make me feel a little bit badass; but more so it scares me.  So, I shy away from driving...

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I Just LOVE It When I am WRONG! Jun 10, 2018

Last week I was lucky enough to be up in Tahoe camping with my amazing family. 

This in and of itself was a bit of an accomplishment.  For one, I had resisted it with many temper tantrums similar to a toddler.   

In my mind I had concretely decided we should be out...

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I Surrender All May 26, 2018

Let it go.  

Breath in.  

Breath out.  

Breath in deeply.  

Push it away.  

I guide many through their breathing so very often.  

Sometimes daily….

....sometimes more often than that.  

Let it go.  


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Hey Wait, What the Heck is Kundalini Yoga Anyway? May 13, 2018

If you haven’t yet checked out Kundalini you are in for a treat!   Now is the time and…. 

Here is what you should know!    

Warning!  If you get to the end of class and feel completely blissed out but don’t know what just happened,...

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Ha! I caught you taking a peek! Mar 18, 2018

Yup, a lady knows when someone is trying to take a peak.  I know intimately well how another’s eyes pull quickly into focus and lock on mine after they’ve lingered a second too long somewhere else.   Possibly somewhere they shouldn’t have been. 


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Bring It! Feb 04, 2018

Currently, my path feels divinely contrary to what I was led to believe culture approves or encourages. 

My days feel drastically different than even a year or so ago.  I know that Change Requires Change and still I watch myself and those around me resist and label change as...

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Creating Heart Wide Open was a dream that had its way with me. Jan 28, 2018

Creating Heart Wide Open was a dream that had its way with me. 

As I moved into the creation of it I’d recognize the next best right decision being laid out for me. 

I’d move into that step, usually terrified.

And then I’d find that I’d need to...

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The Time To Be Brave is NOW Dec 27, 2017

We are culturally in a time where we must be still and fully examine what is true. NOW.   Today.   Consistently.  Actively.  Presently. 

We need to be brave enough to look at all that is happening right before our eyes, in the present moment.   Not...

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Calm IS Contagious Sep 12, 2017

The other day I was talking to another mom while watching our sons play lacrosse and we began a conversation about the various teachers and educational experiences my kids have had so far. In particular, we discussed how my oldest son is having his best year yet.

New to him, and pleasing to us,...

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