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Fatalistic February Feb 07, 2022

I've heard this month referred to as "Fatalistic February".  Alarming?  At first, I thought so too.  However, “Fatalistic” implies at least two meanings and after review, I’m excited about them both. 

This is a month to clear and eliminate. ...

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We need action, momentum, and energy. Jan 24, 2022


January can be a mixed bag, full of fresh starts, and a welcomed time of introverted repair. We can be stuck between recovery from last year and stepping into the current one.

It’ll be 2023 before we know it. The month is quickly disappearing, and it beckons us to act on behalf of...

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December Reflection - 2021 Dec 27, 2021

I have been setting aside intentional time to reflect on 2021.  I’ve been lining out my personal highlights, challenges, accomplishments, and unanswered prayers.   Seeing it all in summary causes me to have a lot of compassion for myself.  

2021 was a...

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Do the holidays have a SQUEEZE on YOU? Learn to Maintain your JOY! Dec 03, 2021

A successful holiday season has nothing to do with champagne toasts or the perfect family photo.   So, can we all collectively agree to NOT put any added pressure of expectation on this time of year. 

Life is sometimes complicated enough.  No need to add forced fun to the To...

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Tips to Soar Through the Holidays Nov 24, 2021

Are you in need of a few tips to get through the Turkey Dinner?  

Well, you are certainly not alone!  

Family coming together for the Holiday Season has historically been known to bring on acute bouts of panic disorder and anxiety all on its own.  Add the past couple...

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Are you calling BS on the GRATITUDE MOVEMENT? Nov 10, 2021

Ever feel like you just don’t want to be grateful?  Or wonder what’s the point?

I’ve been there, and I talk to people every day who feel the same.  

Here’s the thing, being a wee bit grumpy keeps things safe.   When we acknowledge how amazing...

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Awareness offers a gift. That gift is choice! Oct 29, 2021

Freedom of choice feels like liberation from limitation.  Feeling stuck, well, that sucks!

Usually when we feel stuck, we have come to believe that we are out of choices, or we dislike the choices we have.  Often, our desired choice is not an option.  Yet, even when what we wish is...

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3 ways to Actively Convert Anxiety into Strength Sep 03, 2021

Being vulnerable is good. It’s honest.  It’s authentic.  Expressing vulnerability is sharing exactly where you are at the given moment.  

Pretending to be anything else will increase your anxiety. 

Owning your anxiety (naming, sharing your...

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Life is Suffering Aug 30, 2021

Are you noticing how INTENSE it feels to simply live right...

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Being human is NO flip'n joke! Aug 19, 2021

Life seems to be demanding a ton from us right now.  

As I talk to people this week, I am in awe of how much one person can withstand.   It seems most are feeling overwhelmed and defeated, and a sense of normalcy feels far away.  

Remember no matter what the challenge, you are...

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Pray for light. Pray for truth. And PRAY for love to prevail. Sat Nam. Aug 11, 2021

This picture Shiva was taken in 2019 when I was visiting India.   

LORD SHIVA is known as the DESTROYER.   

Shiva’s role is to destroy in order to re-create.   The belief is that Shiva’s powers of destruction and recreation are used to...

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Feeling connected is NOT ONLY one of the most powerful predictors of your health and happinessā€¦.. Aug 04, 2021

Feeling connected is NOT ONLY one of the most powerful predictors of your health and happiness…..


CONNECTION provides meaning to people’s lives.   

I often share the quote by The Dalai Lama – “The Purpose in Life is to BE...

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